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4 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Learning More Fun and Effective

Parents and teachers keep saying that learning is fun, but when they tell their kids to study or once the kids set foot inside the classroom, the children realize that there’s nothing fun in what awaits them. But learning can be fun; really. ”

We tried a new strategy with our employees says Eric from Get Education skills, a strategy where they had to take a break as soon as it wasn’t fun learning. It worked wonders for us.

You just have to adjust a little and learn some new techniques.” says Marie from The Education Life.

Here are four simple ways for you to make learning more fun and effective.

Instead of giving a lecture, tell a story or converse with your students/children says Dennis from Education is Around.

Lectures are boring. Whether you are in high school or college, all talk and no play will bore you to death says Adam fromĀ Whizzherald. It is such a passive activity, so you should not expect anyone to interact with you. You can change this by turning your lectures into something like storytelling sessions. Engage your students/children in a conversation. Allow them to join you in the story, don’t make them mere spectators. This will also encourage them to open up and share their ideas with you.

Be a performer.

You don’t have to be a best actor or actress; you simply have to be more lively in what you are doing. So, if you’re telling a story, don’t just stay in one spot. Move around. Approach your students or children. This will make them feel like they are part of the action. It also makes your story or the lesson more interesting. Remember, anything that’s fun is interesting for children.

Allow your students or children to be teachers for a day.

When you were younger, didn’t you play pretend teacher with your siblings or friends? Your students/children will like to do the same, so give them a chance to do so. Provide them with a topic or lesson and allow them the freedom to design how they will share it with the class or to you. All you need to do is sit back and pretend that you are a student.

Enjoy and love what you are doing.

If you love what you are doing, this will show in your movements, in how you interact with the children, and in what you say.

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